Alternative Energy Advisors


 Extensive Alternative Energy Project Experience

Wind Energy
 Traditional - Offshore
Stand Alone - Grid Connected
O&M Optimization
Distributed Energy Services

Solar Energy
Solar Concentration - Photovoltaic - Passive Solar
  Process and Water Heat
Space Heating and Cooling

Geothermal Energy
Electricity Generation - Direct Use - Heat Pumps
Dry, Flash, Binary Steam
Traditional - EGS - Low Temperature

Biodiesel - Ethanol - Optimized Co-Products
Feedstocks: Traditional, Innovative, Byproduct
  Traditional and Emerging Hydrolysis Technologies
  Mixed Sugar Utilization - Advanced Sugar Separation

Anaerobic Digestion: Traditional and Plug-Flow
Landfill Gas - Non-traditional Feedstocks
CAFO Management

Pulp and Paper Co-Generation
Wood - Wood Waste - Crop Residue - MSW
Pre-Treatment - Heat Value Optimization

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